In order to avoid any controversy, we invite you to read these terms and conditions for on-line sales (hereafter, General Conditions) carefully, every time you decide to purchase Products from the website (hereinafter, the Site). The purchase of Products by minors under 18 years of age is prohibited.

DEA Flavor S.r.l. is the exclusive licensee of the domain:

These on-line Sales Conditions govern all commercial relationships between the Shopping Cart section of the Site (hereinafter, the Shopping Cart) and its Customers.

DEA Flavor S.r.l. reserves the right to change these conditions; the new conditions shall take effect from the moment they are published on the Site.

Before any purchase, the Customer acknowledges that they have read these General Conditions and expressly states that they accept them.

You are purchasing from DEA Flavor S.r.l., VAT No./Tax Code: 02254110220, with registered office in Via Galileo Galilei, 33 - 38015 Lavis (TN).


1.  Definitions

Your account: The availability of access, upon authentication, to a remote processing system by a person who can place Orders and modify their identification or shipping data.

Customer: any person (natural or legal person) who buys one or more Products through the website, and accepts these General Conditions.

Contracts: the contracts concluded, pursuant to Article 6 of these General Conditions, between DEA Flavor S.r.l. and the Customers, via the Shopping Cart.

Shopping Cart: the Cart section of the via which it is possible to purchase the Products.

Orders: purchase orders for Products sent by Customers, in compliance with the General Conditions.

Parties: DEA Flavor S.r.l. and the Customer.

Price: the price of the Products indicated in the Shop.

Product: any goods that can be purchased from the Website.


2.  Subject

Via the website, DEA Flavor S.rl. offers Products for sale that are not foodstuffs.


3.  Customer Account

In order to purchase from the Shop, the Customer has to create an Account using an automated procedure called: "Create an Account", at the address:

During the new account creation phase, the Customer shall have to indicate his/her/its personal data, as requested by the system, and shall also be given the opportunity to subscribe to the Newsletter.

The Customer who subscribes to the Newsletter shall receive notifications, offers and initiatives related to DEA Flavor S.r.l. products

Subscribing to the newsletter is optional, and at any time cancellation can be requested by sending an e-mail to the address:

Once the Account creation phase has been completed, the Customer shall receive a welcome e-mail containing the data for accessing his/her/its Account.

To ask for the Account to be deleted, use the procedure indicated by the system.


4.  Price

The Price of the Products is expressed in euros. The applicable Price, inclusive of VAT (22%) is the one indicated in the Shop at the time the Order is sent.

The Price does not include shipping costs. Shipping costs are charged to the Customer and indicated separately.

Any taxes, duties, fees and other charges provided for by the laws of the States from/to which the Products are shipped/delivered, shall be borne entirely by the Customers, and paid by them on delivery of the Products, directly to the competent tax or customs authorities or to the courier in charge of the delivery.


5.  Shopping Cart

The shopping cart allows you to check the products entered immediately, with their unit cost, including VAT (22%), shipping costs and final sales price.

Once the cart has been filled with the desired products, you can make the actual purchase and choose the type of payment.

As soon as the Order has been completed, the system shall send a copy of the Order to the e-mail address entered by the Customer.


6.  Conclusion of contract

The contract is closed via the following phases:

By placing an order online, the Customer sends DEA Flavor S.r.l. an offer to purchase the Product or Products selected. Submission of the offer shall be valid as consent under the law to then receive communications from DEA Flavor S.r.l. described below, which are intended exclusively to close and implement the contract.

Once the Order has been placed, the Customer shall receive an e-mail of "Order Confirmation" containing a copy of the Order and an Order number to be used for any communication with DEA ​​Flavor S.r.l.. Upon receipt of payment approval, DEA Flavor S.r.l. shall send the Customer an "Acceptance of Payment" e-mail. Payment approval times vary depending on the payment method chosen. DEA Flavor S.r.l. cannot be held responsible for the delays related to the approval of the payment.

The Contracts are concluded between the Parties when the Customer receives the Payment Acceptance e-mail.

By sending the Orders the Customer declares to have read all the instructions regarding the methods of purchasing the Products and to have fully accepted the General Conditions, as well as having read all the additional information contained in the Shopping Cart section, also referred to through various links. The Orders shall be filed in the database of DEA Flavor S.r.l., according to the procedures and in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree of 30.06.2003 no. 196 ("Privacy" and as explained better in the Privacy Notice read, approved and accepted by the Customer), and shall be viewable in the "my orders" section of your Account.

The Seller cannot process purchase orders that do not give sufficient guarantees of solvency or that are incomplete or incorrect, or in the event of unavailability of products.


7.  Payment terms

DEA Flavor S.r.l. allows Customers to pay using the following methods:

A)   Bank transfer

D)  Cash on delivery (only orders coming from Italy);

E)  PayPal.


  1.   Payment through credit cards, prepaid cards or PayPal

At no time during the purchase process DEA Flavor S.r.l. is able to know the data relating to the credit card, prepaid card or PayPal of the Customer. These data are managed directly from the bank's site that deals with the transaction. Under no circumstances can DEA Flavor S.r.l. be held responsible for any fraudulent or undue use of credit cards, prepaid cards or Paypal by third parties.


9.  Right of withdrawal

Only and exclusively if the Customers are "Consumers" according to the relative definition referred to in Article 3, Italian Legislative Decree No. 206/2005 - that is, a natural person acting for purposes unrelated to any future entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or professional activity carried out - Customers have the right, pursuant to and for the purposes of Article 52 of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, to withdraw from the Sale and Purchase Agreements within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the Products subject to the Sale and Purchase Agreements.

The Right of withdrawal must be exercised by the Customer by sending a written communication to DEA Flavor S.r.l., by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, to the address via Galileo Galilei, 33 - 38015 Lavis (TN) containing: (a) the manifestation of shall to avail of the right of withdrawal; (b) a reference to the Order which gave rise to the Sale and Purchase Agreement from which they intend to withdraw. The Customer must also return the Products subject to withdrawal to DEA Flavor S.r.l., to the address:

  Via Galileo Galilei, 33 - 38015 Lavis (TN),

  within fourteen days from the date of communication of the withdrawal. All costs related to the return of Products are charged fully to the Customer.

In addition to compliance with the terms and procedures described, the right of withdrawal is exercised correctly if the following conditions are fully met: the Products have not been used; the Products have been returned in their original intact packaging, complete with any documentation; Products have been sent in one shipment.

If the right of withdrawal is exercised following the procedures and terms indicated in this article DEA Flavor S.r.l. undertakes to reimburse the price within fourteen days from the date of receipt of the notice of withdrawal but the customer is reminded that the reimbursement shall not be made before receiving the products in their original intact packaging, including any documentation up to then the repayment shall be retained.

DEA Flavor S.r.l. shall inform Customers of the methods for reimbursement of the Price and may, to this end, request the Customer’s bank details (IBAN Code of the invoice holder).

The Customer shall promptly provide the details of the bank to which the transfer is to be made (the ABI and CAB). If the Customer exercises the right of withdrawal in a manner not in accordance with the procedure indicated, the Customer shall not be entitled to a refund of the Price.

The shipment of the Product subject to withdrawal is under the complete responsibility of the Customer until certificate of receipt at the address via Galileo Galilei, 33 - 38015 Lavis (TN).


If the goods are damaged during shipping, DEA Flavor S.r.l. shall inform the Customer thereof (within 5 working days of receipt of the goods at its warehouse), to allow a timely complaint to be made against the courier chosen and to obtain the reimbursement of the value of the goods (if insured). In this case, the product shall be made available to the Customer for its return.

DEA Flavor S.r.l. is not responsible in any way for damage, theft or loss of goods returned by uninsured shipments.

10.  Force majeure and other causes of exclusion from the obligation of fulfilment and performance

DEA Flavor S.r.l. shall be freed from the obligation of fulfilment and performance of this contract in the case of changes in the regulatory framework and for reasons of force majeure, temporary or definitive such as - by way of example and not exhaustive -: strikes, arrests, fires and for

-  any other cause that occurred outside the control of DEA Flavor S.r.l. and are not attributable to said company, even if pre-existing, which prevents or aggravates the total or partial performance of this contract.


11.  Errors or inaccuracies

DEA Flavor S.r.l. undertakes to constantly check the contents in order to avoid errors or inaccuracies.

However, it is possible that the Site contains, or may contain, errors, inaccuracies or omissions. DEA Flavor S.r.l. therefore reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions even after an order has been sent and also reserves the right to change or update information at any time without prior notice to Customers.


12.  Intellectual property

Please refer to Article 1 of the Legal notices.


13.  Privacy

Please refer to the section dedicated to the Privacy Disclaimer.


14.  Information and complaints

If you have any requests for information or complaints, please contact us at the following e-mail address:


Applicable Laws and Competent Court

These General Conditions and Contracts concluded pursuant to Article 6 of the aforementioned clause are

governed by Italian Law and must be interpreted in the light of this.

In the case of "Consumer" Customers, for all disputes arising from this contract, including those relating to its validity, interpretation, performance and termination, the mandatory territorial jurisdiction is the judge at the place of residence or domicile of the consumer, if this is located in the territory of the State.

For cases that are not covered by the previous paragraph, all disputes arising from this contract, including those relating to its validity, interpretation, performance and termination shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Judicial Authority of Trento, also for any claims against the warranty, for damages or, those that relate to payments in general.

The Customer, by registering, in accordance with Article 1341 of the Italian Civil Code, specifically approves of the following clauses related to: Subject, Customer Account, Price, Shopping Cart, Conclusion of contract, Mode of payment, Payment by credit cards, prepaid cards or PayPal, Right to deletion, Force majeure and other causes of exclusion from the obligations of fulfilment and performance, Errors or inaccuracies, Intellectual property, Privacy, Information and Complaints, Applicable Law and Competent Court.